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Soul Craft

Slow craft in a fast world
Retreats & Workshops


Many people find the practice of fibre work to be a gateway to emotional and mental well-being. We all live in a fast paced world where, For some of us, the idea of practising mindfulness and meditation can feel out of reach, trying to force ourselves to slow down enough to do these practices. It can feel overwhelming and almost unachievable.


By working with our hands and body in a repetitive and rhythmic way, such as spinning or weaving, we are creating a calm and safe space for our thoughts and feelings to come forward. I personally believe that the rhythmic action encourages the mind to keep the thoughts fluid and moving, helping us not to get stuck on or ruminate on one particular thought. This is the practice of mindfulness - to simply acknowledge the thought or feeling without becoming attached to it. Weaving and spinning also require the crafts person to remain present during the process, we need to keep our eye on the work we are producing, on the quality and detail. Each time we are drawn back to the process at hand, we become completely present in the work we are doing and experience a break from any worries and negative feelings we may have had. Sometimes we need these breaks in feeling to rest and recuperate.


Ancient crafts such as weaving and spinning, in which we are working with our hands, help us to slow down enough find a sense of calmness & quietude. We become engrossed in the process of turning a raw material into something more and with each step of the process we find a gentle sense of achievement and fulfilment.


Fibre also offers the opportunity to get really creative! Creativity is something we are all born with, it is not exclusive but for many people it becomes dormant and unlocking it can feel like quite a challenge. I hear from so many people that they think they're not a creative person and so they never discover the wonderful feeling of finding their creative flow and the joy that comes with it. By engaging in slow craft you will find that there is so much to be gained from engaging in the process of making, as opposed to only concentrating on the end goal or product.

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