We had such a great day today, learning how to weave on a loom. Izzy is a fantastic and patient teacher and seeing all her beautiful woven artwork dotted around is so very inspiring! Thank You Izzy for a wonderful introduction into the joy of weaving colours and textures. Anyone interested in this ancient art should visit Izzy at her studio in Farfield Mill. ~ Zoe Wild

Zoe Wild

Today I had a glimpse of Izzy's immense creativity as she used her gentle art of teaching to introduce me to the joy of colours and texture and weaving. THANK YOU Izzy

Janet Chetwood

Caught up with Izzy at a weave class I was running at Fairfield Mill, Sedbergh this week. She is absolutely lovely and a worthy choice for the memorial stall

Jan Beadle

Izzy is genuinely talented, what she does with nettles is amazing! Ethical Fashion done in style. She even took some of my hair and is gonna see if she can spit it. 

Chantal Wells