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Isobelle curated the most stunning floral arrangements for my wedding, both bridal flowers and bouquets for the bridesmaids too. Not only did she adhere to my personal preferences and specifications for the bouquet but made beautiful creative suggestions based on the flora in season and selected shapes and colours of flowers and foliage that complemented and enhance my own selections. The overall result of my bridal bouquet was absolutely stunning, a cascading waterfall arrangement that stole the show on my wedding day front and centre on the wedding photons. The arrangement was deeply personal to me whilst being unique and quintessential of Isobel’s distinctive style and flair. I couldn’t recommend her work more highly if you’re looking for floral arrangements that really so stand a cut above the rest (terrible pun intended).

Ruby Henderson

323864760_1613738262474806_8852567962671855553_n (1).jpg

Stunning everlasting wreaths, Izzy has a really creative eye. I bought two expecting to give one away as a gift but liked them both too much and have kept them! Really recommend as gifts or just to treat yourself! So nice to have flowers that last forever around the house. 💐🍀🌻🙏

Natasha Mladek

Izzy’s approach to flower arrangement is totally ’one off’, and her ideas for presentation are totally original. If I am looking for flowers as a gift for a special occasion, Izzy’s dry flower designs are something I will always think of; the beauty of the flowers, the original presentation and the longevity of the final pieces are to my mind truly wonderful. Something to give as a gift which retains the fragility of the blooms and remains as an arrangement forever.

Stuart Gray

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